Las Vegas workshop

Ray & Sarah McShane

Ray McShane Films, Plymouth, UK

“Thanks for a great and extremely informative time at the workshop! We gained so much direction from the experience. Your presentations were extremely engaging, even after very little sleep from the traveling, our attention was kept to the very end. We have found ourselves looking over the notes at dinner and applying our ideas to what we have learned. The venue was amazing and the patience and detail in explanation was the best I have experienced!”

Luke Goodman

Luke Goodman Cinematography, San Francisco, CA

“Thanks so much for putting on this workshop. It was incredibly informative. I have so many great take aways from your talks, from getting the right clients, to taking more initiative on the wedding day, to just WORKING HARDER in general. You two are so easy going and aren’t on the pedestal I’ve seen at some workshops. Also, thanks for not trying to sell us anything. It’s clear that you two are both passionate about creating quality work day in and day out.”

Chicago workshop

Stephen Gray

At First Sight Films, Toronto, CAN

“The workshop in Chicago was an incredible experience for Chris, Mark and I. We all come from different backgrounds; commercial, feature, short and event filmmaking and this workshop managed to push us in all of these aspects. Kevin, Joe (with guest speaker Patrick Moreau) each have a different style and slightly different approach in their work, and yet there were so many overlapping and complimentary elements in how they achieve the work they produce. Each of the three were able to speak on different topics and lead groups through different parts of event filmmaking and I took away so much hearing, seeing and learning from all three. I wouldn’t be able to get that one-on-one training from each of them combined at any other workshop or event. Though the schedule was jam packed, there was enough time to ask any question or express any thoughts we had as we went along. I viewed this workshop as a stepping stone in our path that has taken us all to that next level.”

Jared & Danielle Zacharias

Side by Side Cinema, San Diego, CA

“Wow, we had a wonderful time at the Chicago workshop. These guys are excellent teachers and mentors. They took time to answer our questions, hear our thoughts, and most importantly challenge us. They don’t try to change your cinematic style to be something you’re not, they educate you on how to be a good story teller in your own style. We loved going through the process of learning better storytelling through each of their own styles and ideas. We felt very inspired and rejuvenated after this workshop and we would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in improving their craft!”

New York workshop

Matt Fink

DMO Weddings, Stamford, CT

“First and foremost I need to say THANK YOU! I can honestly say going to your workshop was the absolute best investment I have ever made for my business and myself. Not only did I learn a boatload of new things and ways to do things but it totally reinvigorated my passion for filming weddings. I was shocked at how candid you both were about everything. I really expected some good instruction but did not expect you to divulge all your secrets and business practices. I went home with so much in my head I still haven’t processed it all. When I was in school I hated it. I couldn’t sit through classes and had a tough time paying attention. You guys were both such amazing speakers and teachers that the 3 days flew by with my ears wide open the whole time. It was a great mix of hands on, “lecturing” and examples. Because of you both I have a whole new outlook on how and what I film.”

Jamison Luther

Lighthouse Studios, Irvine, CA

“The last 3 days of inspiration and technical knowledge has been phenomenal. I thought I knew a lot, but ended up with 10 pages of notes and changes I need to make to take my craft to the next level. It was worth 10x more than the time, effort, and investment it took to get here. (just don’t go start charging 10x more!) A sincere thanks.”

London workshop

Steve Towle

Cherry Tree Films, Scotland, UK

“The workshop was brilliant! I’d like to think of myself as a ‘middle of the road’ wedding filmmaker in the UK (but still a seriously long way of the quality of work you guys consistently produce), I was delighted at the amount of information I came away with. Not only having learned a great deal about storytelling and cinematography (as an entirely self taught filmmaker) but also loads of little tips and tricks that make the sometime difficult job of DSLR filmmaking just that little bit easier. Couple that with the inspiration and enthusiasm I left with, it was a huge success. My personal objectives were certainly met, and I too may have now become a timelapse junkie.”

Ollie Denny

Studio 7876, London, UK

“If you’re like me and you want to transform from a videographer into a filmmaker then I highly recommend the Event Cinema Workshop. Spending 3 days with Kevin & Joe was a real eyeopener and their vision is now my most important tool (and not my equipment).”

Cabo San Lucas workshop

Chris & Toni Wheaton

Barton Creek Weddings, Raleigh, NC

“The Cabo workshop was incredible and we had an absolute blast! It was so totally awakening! We can’t tell you how invaluable this workshop was for us. It’s been totally refreshing for both of us and we feel re-energized and excited. We have a whole new perspective on our craft. We have always admired your work but meeting you and spending time with you has really given us a whole new level of respect for what you do and bring to this industry. Thank you.”

Angel Zapien

Cinematic Touch, Los Cabos, MX

“It was such a pleasure meeting you both. Having a glimpse of how the greatest wedding cinematographers in the industry work was simply outstanding. My mind is full of so many ideas now and that is all thanks to you guys. Thank you so much for sharing all you know! I would like to say, to the future attendees, this workshop is so much more than just a training investment. If you are considering going far in your own business, this event is an opportunity you should not miss.”

Cancun workshop

Marcella Hoekstra

Heirloom Pictures, Boston, MA

“I just wanted to say thanks again for doing your wonderful workshop in Cancun. It was a fantastic experience that provided me with not only an education but also inspiration and a renewed excitement for my career. I have to say I walked away from the experience feeling like I had received so much more than I expected. All bases were covered from creative to technical to business. I was grateful for how generous you were with your knowledge. Both of your shared everything you had, it seemed, and were so candid. You made what you do and how you do it feel accessible and your lack of ego was certainly refreshing. Thanks again for the great experience!”

Robert & Aston Miles

Limestone Films, Chattanooga, TN

“We wanted to thank you two for the great time we had in Cancun. You guys were incredible. We feel like the workshop was so very worth it, and we hope that it really helps to take our new business to the next level. The info was awesome, and we felt like you didn’t hold back at all. We would do it again in a heartbeat. We also really enjoyed getting to know you two. We just wish we had more time to hang out.”